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It's in you to make a difference. It's in you to contribute significantly and directly to your life process. It's in you to live your passion with abundance AND it's in you to make a positive and lasting contribution to the world.


The Law of Attraction .... The Law of Vibration .... The Law of  Resonance ....


These are some of the universal laws by which many things are governed by. These laws apply only when all the necessary pieces are in place.


Of all the pieces, your thoughts are your starting point. Your mindset reflects how you see the world around you AND how you see yourself. Granted that many of these are based on past experiences and understanding, you are now here at the present time however (so stop blaming the past), with an amazing ability to change your thoughts - for real.


You can change your perception of the world from that of a negative and fear based to a more positive and confidence based. You can change how you look at yourself from someone who is a victim of circumstances to that of someone who is a positive contributor to his community. From someone who is stuck in his anger and resentment  to someone who is free to truly care.


Life is all about processes. We experience many processes throughout the day, often they are automated processes.


I used to work as a Process and Energy Engineer (yes, I have a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering) in Pulp and Paper Mills in the U.S. and Canada and one of my main responsibilities is to optimize the paper making operation. This means increase the efficiency, decrease unscheduled downtimes, increase operation productivity, and increase machine reliability. All of these results to happy customers and strong business growth.


To optimize anything, you need to be a troubleshooter, a solution thinker, a communicator, a team player, and an organizer. You would also want to measure in some ways, the change in whatever process you are optimizing.


It is fun. Just like life. Your life is made up of many processes. You can affect any of these processes at different points of the operation. You may not have direct influence at some points but you can have a direct influence on other points which could then change the outcome.


Your ability to manage your thoughts by changing your mindset is one of your greatest gift and most powerful tool that can bring you a life that is fully satisfying, meaningful and fulfilling. Your processes, whether automated or not, starts with your thoughts.



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Make Your Change and Change Your Make.



Here's a thought:


Life is not meant to be a struggle.


Life is all about PROCESSES and EXPERIENCES for you to grow in purity, understanding, and love.


If you don't like something in your life, DO SOMETHING to improve it.


In life, there is NEVER a dull moment, believe me.



Thank you for being here today.


I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Liane Harris




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