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Liane delivers valuable techniques that will give you immediate positive results. She is a leading expert in developing Personal Breakthrough systems that are clear, simple, and sustainable  in order to achieve prosperity in life through clarity, focus, and self-discipline.

The creator and publisher of LianeTV, Liane offers tips and insights in this weekly video channel that help turn personal challenges into breakthrough experiences.

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Good morning! I wonder what miracle will you see today? Share below. We'll celebrate the miracles we'll all see. :) ... See MoreSee Less

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Just before you fall asleep tonight, tell yourself, "I love and accept me." Repeat 10x as you smile deeply to yourself.
Good dreams, my dear!
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It started as a flicker of thought, "Maybe I can ...." Then the thought became tangible in the form of a cheque for SickKids Foundation as Chris Gromley from Daylight For Deadeyes combined his passion for drumming and desire to help the Sick Kids Hospital. Congratulations, Chris! You're an inspiration. ... See MoreSee Less

That's a wrap folks! #Drum4SickKids 2014 is officially DONE! Signed the cheque at SickKids Foundation. Returned my Kilt to William Glen. $13,740 raised. 150km marched. 1000's of Thank You's owed to Ev...

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Whoa! You know the feeling when things that you've been working on come together? Yes, that feeling of #empowerment and fulfillment. So awesome!
I wish that state of #power, that state of empowerment for YOU too!
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