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Liane Harris delivers valuable workshops that will give you immediate positive results. She is a leading expert in developing Prosperity Through Clarity training systems that are clear, simple, and sustainable.

The creator and publisher of LianeTV and co-creator of Dreams Catalyst, Liane offers tips and insights in this weekly video channel that help turn personal challenges into breakthrough experiences.

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There was a time in my high school years in the Philippines that this was our mode of transportation. My father would bring my two brothers and I to school every day on his motorcycle. ... See MoreSee Less

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For those who asked, "Why me?" Here's a short poem written by an Anonymous thinker on April 17, 2013. I think it sums it up. - Liane

One of your questions, I do know the answer to. It is the simplest answer to a simple question: Why me?

Because you are everyone.

I open my eyes, and I am Me. I've always been me, try as hard as I might to stop it. But I know that you, my friend, you do the same thing. Every morning you open your eyes, and you are you, the same you as before. Your eyes are the only ones you have the choice to open, and you will spend your whole life being only you. You call yourself "I". You are the center of the Universe as you experience it.

If I open my eyes on a particular day and say, why me? Who else could it be happening to, I wonder?

If it was happening to my neighbour instead? He opens his eyes, and is an I, the center of his universe, every morning.

There is no-one you can pass the buck to. Everyone is an I. No matter which body you are born into, which set of eyes you open and which limbs you control, it must be happening to You.

Does that make sense? If you were someone else, you would not know it, because you would still only, always, be I.

So when I ask, why me? It must be me. When I see worse things happening to another person, they are an I too. All the same. If it exists and is happening to someone, it is happening to an I.

That is why you.
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There's always more than what meets the eyes. ... See MoreSee Less

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The CN Tower was once a dream in the clouds, made real on earth.
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Liane Harris - Prosperity Through Clarity shared Lucy Coulter - Norwex Independent Sales Consultant's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

Looking forward to some holiday fun! Remember to invite friends and family :)

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