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If you feel that you are not getting your desired results when you have been working so hard to achieve them, you are not alone. Many people are not getting the results that they want.

The world is full of people with big dreams and not getting them.

Many give up on their dreams and justified their action by telling themselves that 'It's not meant to be.'

Deep inside them, however, is the yearning. The yearning of a dream waiting to be fulfilled. A life dream, a life purpose, stirring deep inside, waiting to be free. There's a hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach, an uneasiness.

I know exactly how this feels. I have been in this ride sometime ago. I tried to convince myself then that my dream was not for me. I took on high ranking positions in sales and though I was very successful there, I did not feel complete. In my quiet times, I can hear my dream calling.

In 2010, a tool came to me from nowhere! A tool that put me face to face with what has been holding me back. It was quite an opportunity, a blessing, because it catapulted me to where I needed to be. I clearly remember the feeling when the "click" happened. Everything fell into place, perfectly.

The changes that continue to happen are profound and exponential. I feel loved and connected from the highest level and from everywhere.

Don't get me wrong. The magic would not have brought me to where I am now had I refused to do my part. The difference is that I fully embraced what prevented me from achieving my dream, once they came to my awareness. Up until that time, the realization was not there.

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