About Liane Harris



Liane Harris is a Director of the Rosary Apostolate in Mississauga. Along with other volunteers, she helps strengthen the faith of children by teaching them how to pray the rosary.

She graduated in Masters of Science in Engineering at McNesse State University and worked as a Process and Energy Engineer at Boise Cascade in Deridder, Louisiana.

She finished high school at Cathedral High School run by the Religious of the Virgin Mary nuns in Carmen, Philippines. A recipient of the Xavier University - Ateneo Alumni Association academic scholarship, she finished her Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering at Xavier University, a Jesuits university in Cagayan de Oro. Religious studies and Philosophies were one of her favorite electives.

Volunteerism has always been a part of her life. Through the years, Liane Harris volunteers in different charitable, religious, and non-profit organizations. She derives her deepest joys in making positive contributions to other people's lives who needs her help. She values her quiet time spent in prayers and contemplation.

As an entrepreneur, Liane Harris manages two divisions of her company: a Predictive Maintenance Training company and a financial service division.

Though she enjoyed and is truly grateful for all the opportunities that came her way to help her in her growth and positive contributions to others, she feels at her best in her new vocation as a Pastoral Associate since October 2017. She looks forward to making more positive differences to many and to her own spiritual and all around growth.